Best Domestic Locksmith in Birmingham

Needing a domestic locksmith can be a very distressing time. You’re probably locked out, it’s probably also raining and you’re probably freezing and stressed. The last thing you need if you’ve lost your key is to need to think about the locksmith you’re going to call.

Our domestic services ensure that if you’re having a lock issue at home then there is only one place to call. That’s us here at Ther Veteran Locksmith!

All of our team are fully DBS Checked and cleared, and we’re more than capable of dealing with anything you can throw at us on your home.

Damage-Free Entry

Our team of highly trained professionals are 99% of the time able to gain entry to your house without causing damage. This will save you on potentially expensive repair bills just for gaining entry.

No Call Out Charge

We don’t charge a call out fee. All of our jobs are priced up and agreed before we touch your locks. This means there are no surprises for you after the work is complete.

Reliable and Discreet

Although our staff are uninformed, you will barely know we’re there. We know that being discreet can be very important to our customers. We keep your lock issues under wrap and key!

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UPVC Door Lock Repair

If you have a UPVC door then the chances are you have a euro cylinder inside it. These are the biggest selling cylinder in the UK. The problem with this popularity is that they then become a target for thieves.

There are many different types of euro locks available. They all come with the star rating. Now the lower star locks are likely to break easier and be broken into. For that reason, we recommend having a 3-star lock fitted.

If your locks are broken, it’s not ideal but it’s a perfect time to have a locksmith visit you. We can fix your broken locks anywhere in the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcestershire, 24/7. Just give us a call and one of our team will be with you, generally within the hour.

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