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Warrant Execution Locksmith

We know having an issue with a property is stressful. Having to serve notice after notice, waiting for court dates, promises to pay etc.. All of this leaves you massively out of pocket. The last thing you want to be worrying about is who you will get on the day to execute your warrant and change the locks on the property.

That’s where we at The Veteran Locksmith come in. We are able to provide, professional locksmith services for every warrant of entry you have. We only hire highly trained and competent locksmiths meaning you can ensure that you have a great job done every single time you use us.

Don’t leave your warranty of entry to chance, hire a professional and get the job done right, first time.

Damage Free Warrant Execution

Your tenants or occupiers of your building can often leave an expensive mess. Not only that, they often damage locks, break keys and cause you as much distress as possible. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing a damage free service where ever possible.

Our team can work around broken keys and many damaged locks so that you don’t have any further unnecessary expenses.

However, should the need arise for any extra work, you will be informed before we do anything. We will not start any job without you being fully informed of the cost beforehand.

Damage-Free Entry

Our team of highly trained professionals are 99% of the time able to execute your warrant without causing damage. This will save you on potentially expensive repair bills just for gaining entry.

No Call Out Charge

We don’t charge a call out fee. All of our jobs are priced up and agreed before we touch your locks. This means there are no surprises for you after the work is complete.

Reliable and Discreet

Although our staff are uninformed, you will barely know we’re there. We know that being discreet can be very important to our customers. We keep your lock issues under wrap and key!

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Best Bailiff Locksmith in Manchester

As an emergency locksmith, we are available to attend any time of day or night to help bailiffs work safer and quicker. We are fully insured and qualified for every task you may have.

We understand that discretion is often key in many situations. That’s why we can offer plain clothes staff with unmarked vehicles. Ensuring that you keep your discretion at all times.

At The Veteran Locksmith, we also don’t charge a call out fee. Keeping your job costs as low as possible but allowing you to do the work that you’ve been assigned.

Call us now if you’re a bailiff looking to execute a warrant, we are available to help.