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Anti Snap Locks Manchester

Anti Snap locks are an incredibly valuable tool to combat break in attempts across the Manchester and wider region. We’ve had a lot of calls over recent weeks with burglaries taking place where the thief has managed to snap the lock. This allows them to access your property and your goods in a matter of seconds.

An anti snap lock helps combat that by using a setup that stops access to the lock mechanism if someone manages to break the lock. Giving you peace of mind that your house secure if someone manages to snap your door lock in an attempted burglary.

We supply these locks to Rednall, Reditch, Halesowen, Stourbridge, Manchester and other surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free quote.

How are Locks Snapped?

Burglars purchase a tool which is less than £10. This allows them to grab a lock that is poorly fitted and snap it. It can also be done with a lot of domestic tools you may have around your house. That’s why we insist on everyone having anti snap locks where possible.

What Else is Important?

There are a few things you can do to stop your locks being snapped in the first place. The first and most important, is ensure your locks fit. If there is a large overhang on your lock then it makes it easier for thieves to grip onto and break. If you are unsure if your locks are fitted right give us a call.

Are They Expensive?

Believe it or not, anti snap locks are not expensive at all. For most doors, £150 will get you an anti snap lock, with fitting and still provide you with change. That small cost versus the cost of recovering from a break in is very small. With suppliers such as Ultion and ABS, locks are made with fantastic quality.

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Do I have Anti Snap Locks?

There are a few very simple things to look out for when figuring out if your locks are anti snap or not. The first and easiest thing to do is look at the front of your lock. Any lock with 2 stars on should be anti snap. These star ratings are only achieved when lock manufacturers conform to certain British standards. Anti snapping is a standard feature required on all 2 star locks.

If you cannot see the number of stars, the chances are, your lock is able to be snapped. However, if you are not sure, the best thing to do is give us a quick call. Our team will guide you through what to look out for and possibly get you booked in for a free survey. It takes a few minutes for us to take a look around your home and see if there are any other issues regarding the security of your home.

Why do you need anti snap Euro cylinder locks?

Your possessions and property are kept secure thanks in large part to anti-snap locks. They have undergone extensive testing to guarantee their durability and safety.

Maximum home security is provided by anti-snap cylinder locks, which also have a traditional 12-telescopic-pin tumbler mechanism and a high-security dimple-cut blade key.

They have a ten-year warranty for your peace of mind and are renowned for their extreme toughness and dependability.

Another incentive to select an anti-snap cylinder is that it has an anti-bump feature in addition to the anti-snap technology with kitemark certification on the open profile vital area.