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In commercial premises, the tasks of your doors and locks are very different from the home. Your staff are very unlikely to have access to the same areas of the business as you. There may even be master keys for some locks for cleaners.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your access system or locks around your offices then you need a locksmith that understands all the equipment you may have.

Our knowledge and experience in a commercial environment has given us the understanding to install, maintain and repair a variety of different locking systems. That includes access control via cards or fobs, security locks, fire doors and any other equipment you have that controls access around your company.

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Roller Shutter Locksmith

Industrial units often carry systems that are different again from offices. We see many industrial units with roller shutters both electrical and manual. As well as different access control systems around the site.

We’ve made it our business to understand the locking systems available on roller shutters. A roller shutter locksmith needs to understand how the equipment interacts with your alarm, how the staff operate it and the potential security pitfalls in the system.

We cover all different types of roller shutter security. If you need help with ram bars, floor locks or you’ve had a break in and need a repair, we’re here to help 24/7.

Commercial & Retail Locksmith in Manchester

So we’ve mentioned that we cover roller shutters, offices and industrial solutions to security. We haven’t mentioned that we also cover retail and commercial companies with all the lock solutions that you may require. Although industrial units and offices are at risk of break-in, the risk is so much higher in retail outlets. This is because there is likely to be merchandise for someone to steal. Items such as clothes, food, and technology provide quick and easy wins for criminals.

As a master locksmith in Manchester, we have been trained to fully understand the needs of retail outlets. Keeping your business running means securing all of your valuable assets. If your shop has multiple points of entry then this is many places for criminals to try and gain access. The big pitfall in retail units is closing overnight. Rear entrances are often out of public eyesight. Thieves then have a lot of time to try any of their tools to break through your security.

Options for Retail Security

Although we are a locksmith, we do provide other solutions. Teaming up with our network of security professionals we can help you fit extra security equipment to keep you safe. If you have access points in low traffic, out of sight areas, any of the following may keep your business secure.

  • Flood Lights with Motion Sensors: These offer valuable protection from crime. Passers-by or neighbours may see the light come on and prompt them to call the police.
  • Monitored Alarm: I’m sure we all know what an alarm does. However, a monitored system can alert yourself and the police when it’s triggered.
  • CCTV: This will allow you to view your business 24/7. If someone tells you the security light is on or the alarm is sounding, you can instantly view your business and see if there is anything to worry about or if it’s a false alarm.
  • Extra Locks: We wouldn’t be a very good commercial locksmith if we didn’t mention extra locks. Adding more barriers in the way of criminals slows them down and may prompt them to move on.

There are a lot more ways in which we can help your commercial premises. If you feel you need help then maybe it’s time to call us and request a visit. We can offer a free business security survey to help you figure out what extra security we can put in place.

What is a commercial locksmith?

Commercial locksmiths are specialised locksmiths for organisations who offer services for industrial and commercial properties.

They have specialised skills to offer solutions for large-scale corporations and can even serve to tiny residential properties.

A business locksmith can assist with a number of different services, such as installing and maintaining electronic and digital locks, master key systems, and access control systems, in addition to opening and changing locks.

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