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We know getting a good nights sleep is important. Your home security is probably one thing that keeps you awake. Is everything locked? Is the house secure? Are my locks good? Can a burglar break them?

It’s not just at night you worry, it’s also during the day. Maybe you’re out at work and the house is sat empty.

If your home security is keeping you worried during the day then you should give us a call. One of our team is on hand to offer a FREE home security survey. You’ll know if your home is at risk and we will give you recommendations to decrease the risk of a break in.

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Burglary is on the Rise

Did you know that burglary in the Greater Manchester area is on the rise? We get more calls every day from people who have been victims of crime.

The rise of the internet and the technological advances in the last 10 years, criminals have access to equipment that they’ve never had before. The police have found burglars with the tools you’d expect a locksmith to have.

It’s a worry, however, there is technology that even trained Master Locksmiths can struggle to break. Most of our jobs involve fitting equipment like this. Locks such as anti-snap and 3-star British standard, offer extra protection that makes potential thieves look for a different target, leaving your house much safer.

Contact us now for a free security survey & see what we can offer to increase the security and protection of you, your family and possessions.

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